… Project transportations from Europe to Turkey, the Middle East and the Central Asia Countries / from Turkey to all these countries…

Transportation of non-loading gauge heavy tonnage and oversize loads is provided by our specialist team. Heavy construction equipment, cranes, power plant, wind plants, full scale production facilities, motor ships are some of the cargoes that are regularly transported in the scope of project cargo. Unloading of most of our projects in the worksite is also organized by us. Our firm has been continually updating both domestic and foreign agency network by using technological means preeminently; and aims to provide alternatives services to our clients. Based on this consideration, Turkey’s location as a transit country between EU and the Middle East countries constitutes the most important link for the continuity of supply link.

Our firm, which has achieved to be one of the leading firms of the sector in 3rd country transportation with our wide equipment facilities, transit fields and security services we provide, takes right proud of being unique with continuous informing throughout the all process and its structure caring for customer satisfaction.

You can benefit from our suggestions for transportation projects either from EU to Turkey, the Middle East and the Central Asia Countries or from Turkey to all these countries or for suitable land-maritime or multimodal transportations serving your demands for non-lauding gauge and heavy transports; you can leave the responsibility of correspondence with all official and private organizations and of approval procedures and benefit from our initial services.

In addition; you can also benefit from consultancy services that our agency and professional team provides in both supplier and delivery points, you can be informed at every stage of our service with our regular notices.


Project transportation is a transport module which requires to be organized meticulously throughout transportation process. For that reason, planning and feasibility before transportation must be done in accordance with certain standards determined by the road transportation laws. Specific permits need to be acquired in each country on the way for loads of non-standard measures and weights.

For this kind of cargo that we refer as out of gauge or heavy transportation, our firm can provide necessary permits for your cargoes to be transported in this scope via our Jas Projects agency network in relevant countries. We own the personnel and necessary technical knowledge for survey work and transportation organization for all of your cargoes.

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