…from any point in the world to another point..

ATF Forwarding can provide ocean transport service from any point in the world to another point without being dependent on a region or any country. Thanks to the contracts we made we provide our customers competitive freights.

In addition to standard container transportation, project container transportation (Open Top, Flat Rack, Reefer etc.) is one of our specialties. We can assist you regarding any type of project transportation.

Your shipment is organized by our experienced team during the time from the beginning of your booking until delivery to the cargo to the consignee. Also, any unexpected impediments are informed to our customers on time.

If requested, your cargo is insured by one of our contracted insurance agencies without an additional service fee. Necessary file tracking is controlled for damaged cargoes by our firm.

We offer local transportation service for both partial and full container shipments at the most reasonable cost via our Local Transportation Department.

Your ocean cargos sail through secure waters of the ATF Forwarding…